Sacred Space Events


Diane’s Sacred Space Events curates celebrations with mindful, empowering, and educational aims.

It's a pivotal year to profoundly shift the way women show up in the world, individually and collectively. Sacred Space Events provides the vessel, through the Sacred Circle, Crone's Counsel, and other events, to explore and experience the intuitive resources needed to thrive on this new plateau.

We'd love to have you along for the ride as we...

  • Call in the subtle energy of the Divine Feminine to ignite the sacred space...

  • Use intuitive insights to be in tune with the core vibration and make hearts sing...

  • Enhance the atmosphere with Love, Reiki, Feng Shui, Crystals, Fragrance, Sound or Silence...

  • Guide with a clear, energized intention to stay in alignment and flow...

And always bring our smiles and laughter!


Candid Conversations

Transformation is possible when we clear the clutter and hone in on the heart of an issue. That’s why Sacred Space Events offers Candid Conversations in one-on-one and public event settings.

Whether it’s helping solopreneurs clarify a new business launch, shifting energy to make way for new personal growth, or engaging the community with my collective of badass shift-makers, the goal is always to candidly build the bridge between vision and execution.

Public events assemble experts in various fields for a holistic approach, tackling topics like Women’s Health, Assertion in the Workplace, Conscious Parenting, and many more!

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For a one-on-one Candid Conversation, click here.



Whereas Candid Conversations involve public or private discussion depending on your needs, Crone’s Counsel is a series of deep-diving energetic workshops and classes.

We assemble experts from Natural Health, Eastern Medicine, Tarot, Essential Oil Therapy, and many more to get you hands-on with techniques you can incorporate into your daily life. Above all, we prioritize play, because a little bit of humor goes a long way when learning about yourself and others.

We hold Crone’s Counsels at our private event space in Austin, Texas or at public event spaces in the metro area.

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For a private Crone’s Counsel, click here.


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